[PAND] Pandemic

[PAND] Pandemic [SHHH] The Silent Alliance Pandemic is looking to recruit YOU. We are looking to expand our ranks with active PvP'ers who will PvP with us in our null-sec. We are a fully self-sufficient PVPvE/Industry null-sec corporation. We're looking for experienced players who expect mature, responsible, active environments. We require discord for communications so that we can easily communicate on ops. Lead by leadership with esports backgrounds to experienced EO veterans that hold our ranks, we easily accommodate any null-sec operation that you are interested in. 🔷What can you expect from Pandemic?🔷 ✔️ Doctrine ships covered by SRP both on alliance and corporation PvP ops ✔️ T10 anomalies and belts for the best resources and items ✔️ Fleets available for dead spaces, scouts/inquisitors and just ratting in general ✔️ Fully-sufficient, and even profit-making industry, we also offer a streamlined industry web-application which easily handles our ore-buy back, and hosts a queue for ships for members to have built on the corporation's manufacturers behalf ✔️ Daily roaming and standing fleets, as well as gate camps, both on the alliance and corporation level. ✔️ The first corporation to drop an outpost other than our executive corp of the alliance. 🔷What do we expect from you?🔷 ✔️ Discord ✔️ Active every 3 days ✔️ Kick ass and look good doing it ✔️ Willing to skill into the doctrine ✔️ Willing to PvP on a moments notice Stop by, have a beer and lets have some fun conquering New Eden 🍻 https://discord.gg/SErqDea https://i.imgur.com/8Vi9JIn.png https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHHoY7egJVo

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