Star Forge Conclave

o7 Greetings, pilot! ☢ Who are we: We are a growing group of miners and builders (PvE) from US and EU who will also do gang warfare (PvP) in null sec. Our specialty as Eve veterans is Eve economics and knowing how to make money quick. We played a successful corporation back on Eve Online in null sec and we know what mistakes to avoid. ☢ Who we are looking for: 18+ mature new players and vets welcome! Any language is welcome though we mainly speak English/Russian/Korean. We love to help new players learn and enjoy the game through guides and youtube content. ☢ Time zones: EST/CEST so far. ☢ Why us? Perks: Fast growth and best program for new players. Corp omega clones and other clones paid for great corp members. Get money for killing bad people. Ability to appear on stream/youtube for fun content. Corp promotions and ability to grow and rise with us. Small core community where everyone knows each other and feels welcome to group up together. No mandatory decisions pushed on you. Everyone has a say. And so much more.. Enlist today or inquire further here:

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